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Audio Samples

Audio Mastering Samples / Youtube videos

Both tracks have been normalised for fair comparison. The actual difference in loundess between the mix and the master may be much more pronounced. This is collection of fairly old mastering samples. The purpose of it is for a client to have a listen and compare how Red Mastering’s Studio audio mastering progressed in last years. To hear the most current samples please visit video samples section. Enjoy listening!

Mixing Hip Hop Music

Mixing Deep House Music

Hip Hop Track Audio Mastering

Indie Electronica Audio Master

Audio Mastering Hip Hop Music

Indie Rock Audio Mastering

UK Rock Band Audio Master

US Hip Hop Audio Mastering

Hip Hop Music Mastering

Audio Mastering Acoustic Music

Hip Hop Music Audio Mastering

Audio Mastering Folk Music

Jazz Music Audio Mastering

Audio Master Rap Song

Deep House Music Mastering

Minimal Techno Audio Master

Hip Hop Audio Master