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Services and Rates

Audio Mastering and Mixing – Services and Prices

How to calculate the price for your project?

We consider our prices to be very fair. We are not cheap, but affordable. It means we deliver on time, high-quality work, for a fair price.
The general rule of thumb is £30,- per hour of work in the studio, incl. Engineer and studio itself.

All our prices for all services are calculated accordingly depending on the amount of work/time involved. Many services include extra work for no fee or other extras and bonuses for our clients.

We created an application – Job Order, to make it easy for our customers to:

  • calculate the final fee of the project (in less than a second!),
  • comfortably submit Job Order for a relevant service,
  • offer discounts and coupons,
  • easily manage their budget/spending utilizing discounts (delivery time).

Please use the Job Order application to check the final price for your project. 

to quickly find your final fee, please open relevant Job Order (an example of Audio Mastering)