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Services and Rates

Audio Mastering and Mixing – Services and Prices

How to calculate the price for your project ?

First, you need to know what service you actually require, and then click on Job Order and choose the service.

It does work like an Internet shop, it’s super transparent and easy to use, just give it a try!

Now you can choose delivery time best suited for your project (and budget), please note that price will be updated upon choosing different options. Voila, you get your answer in a second!

Audio Mastering Services

Price per Audio Mastering – use Job Order for Audio Mastering to get instant quota !

Delivery Time– we offer 10 options – from very cheap/long delivery time to very fast/more expensive. So it’s up to you to choose what suits you the best.

Audio master for additional Medium – we deliver pre-masters for both Digital and Vinyl distribution. Client can select required MEDIUM for the distribution (Digital, Vinyl) when submitting Job Order.

For Vinyl pre-master, we deliver 24bit undithered wav. files, with resolution of original mix delivered by the client.

Pre-masters for Digital MEDIUM we deliver as standard 16bit /44.1kHz wav. dithered files; as per request we deliver any specification required by the client.

When client requires pre-masters for both, Vinyl and Digital distribution, we offer 50% discount on the additional masters and deliver separate masters for Vinyl and separate masters for Digital distribution – please use CART to get instant quota for your project. Read our FAQ section to find out more about differences between Digital and Vinyl pre-masters.

Red Mastering Studio all Services

prices below are examples, as the final price depends on delivery time (faster – more expensive, slower – cheaper)

  • Audio Mastering 1 song – from £25,-
  • EP album Mastering and LP album Mastering – check Job Order for details
  • Audio Mastering Discounts for Vinyl Mastering (when ordered with Digital) – 50%
  • Audio Mixing per 1 song/project – from £87,-
  • Mix Review – from £11,-
  • Mix Review Bundle discount £6,-
  • Stem Mastering (price per 1 stem) from £8,-
  • MFiT (Mastering for iTunes, price per 1) £8,-
  • DDP/redbook preparation (per album) £39,-
  • Non Standard Delivery (mp3/flac/etc) £8,
  • Extra Loud Master £8,-
  • Mix Feedback £4,-

Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment is made up front. Fees are non-refundable.
  2. There are no free revisions for audio mastering services. Each additional amendments will be charged £10,- per one song/master.
  3. One free master revision per song is included in the price of audio mixing. Any subsequent revisions will be charged at £15/revision.
  4. If you did not order a mix review and your mix has any serious technical issues such as distortion or clipping, We will stop the mastering session and contact you to give you an option to remove the problem. Additional fee in line with the mix review fee will need to be paid. £10,-
  5. If you decide to make any changes to your mix at the revision stage i.e. after you have received a mastered file from us, it will be considered a new job. A new order will need to be submitted and the applicable fee will need to be paid. We offer 50% discount on new mix submitted.
  6. Additional charges apply for songs exceeding 5 minutes (mastering and mixing). Please see CART for details.
  7. The standard file delivery format for music mastering is 16/44.1 kHz WAV or AIF for CD/digital master audio, and 24/original mix resolution (e.g. 24/44.1 kHz) for vinyl mastering. Although if you require different delivery format – please inform us when making an order (Additional Notes)
  8. All files, including DDP masters and redbook .iso files, are delivered electronically via a downloadable link using
  9. Edits are not included in the mixing price and they are not offered as a service. The price includes 1 free revision.
  10. Delivery times vary depending on the number of songs and the service required. For example, we are able to deliver a single or couple of songs to be mastered within 24h time, but for EPs and LPs – please get in touch prior to making an order, to confirm our availability.
  11. Your delivery date as well as final price and other details will be shown on the CART/Order.
  12. All times are local for London UK. Working days are Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.
  13. We understand music business, and are able to provide super fast services (also including Saturdays and Sundays), Please get in touch if you require urgent delivery for a weekend days. This is not a standard service, but in extreme situation, we could service you during weekends. Please note this service, as non standard will be charged with extra fee.
  14. Delivery time runs from when the final mixes or tracks approved by the client are provided, and after payment cleared. Please note when ordering bundle with mix review, it counts from the date you deliver amended, final mixes.
  15. You have the right to cancel your order before we start work on your job. If you want to execute this right, you must contact us by phone or e-mail as soon as possible after submitting your order. You may not cancel the order once the work on your job has been commenced.
  16. Please be kind and credit our work: Mastered by Filip Pietrzykowski at Red Mastering Studio, London