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Audio & Music Production Consulting

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Brand New Service!

We just launched additional services, Mix Review for multi-tracks and Audio and Music Production Consulting.

Mix Review for Multi tracks

This one is self-explanatory. Many clients of ours came to us for help with issues and problems, related to Music Production, but are outside of the Audio Mixing and Audio Mastering Services.

Mix Review for multitrack projects is simply the same service as our Standard Mix Review (1 stereo track). The only difference is that a client can send several tracks over for review/feedback.
Particularly it’s very handy when there are problems within the recording/production, which can be noticed only when there is access to multitrack recording and standard mix review of final mix is not enough to review the problems.
This service is aimed at producers/mixers, recording engineers, struggling with their projects, looking for help, support and professional advice from experienced Audio engineers. This service as well relates to the AMP Consulting explained below. 

Audio and Music Production Consulting

This is something we considered doing for a quite long time. We have been in the audio mastering and mixing services market for 10 years. Served over 1100s Clients all over the world. 
Out of our observations, we noticed that maybe even 50% of our customers are people looking for help&support in areas other than just Audio Mixing or Audio Mastering.

This very unique and personal service is aimed at them. 

Technology allows us to make things happen. 
AMP consulting is a service where the client can virtually ‘attend’ the session. It’s a video, one-to-one session/tuition (although there could be many participants if the client decides to).
It’s general help and support in areas like Music production, arrangement, recording and mixing. 


You (the client) choose and book the date of the video meeting, make a payment and send us over the files required for the work on this project (multitrack recordings)
We (Red Mastering Studio) first download all files, read all your comments and open the project in the DAW. We prepare the project beforehand, to be workable for the video session, (naming tracks, grouping, etc).
In the time chosen by the client, we connect via the Internet and start the video chat with the client’s session open.
You (the Client) have video access to the entire project in DAW, you can see it on your screen (laptop/computer/tablet). You can hear the music as well as all my comments and notes during the session. 

You can ask questions and will receive professional advice and support in the area. You are present during the mixing session, sitting comfortably in your home when connected via video with us.

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One to one attended mixing session (or other audio/engineering task) (video conference)

Professional Advice in Audio Music Production, music arrangement, recording and mixing.

This is a great way for many people to learn and improve their skills in the audio music production area. 
Being able to ask direct questions and see what processing is used on your project, makes a massive difference for a client.
It is not just an attended mixing session, but much more than that. It is the best way to learn about audio engineering, without breaking the bank (we are well aware of the costs of audio engineering schools and courses)

Being able to see a professional Engineer mixing and working on your project,  asking questions, and seeing/hearing the results – it’s the best way to learn. Not to mention, your project will be finally mixed for you as well. 
Part of the mix is done via video-chat, part is finished when the client’s presence is not necessary –  to save time and money. 
All you need is access to a laptop/computer/tablet with a good Internet connection. Fast Internet is required (standard nowadays almost everywhere) and we are ready to go. 
Headphones are also important for you to be able to hear the music and our Engineer talking (although any PA system/monitoring system so you can listen to the audio/sound)
Most of the laptops/tablets have a microphone as well a video camera, and speakers/headphones out. So this will be a sufficient tool to enjoy the service fully.


Anyone who is involved in music production can benefit. 
Artists, producers, recording and mixing engineers. Considering that today many people do multitasking in this area (they produce and mix themselves), 

That approach (doing everything on your own) can create some issues, questions and problems, which are complex and difficult to establish first (find out what is the cause of the problem) and then resolve it. 

This service is directed to people who struggle with their production at some stage, be it arrangement/production/writings, or further mixing and polishing/improving the whole project. 
We have noticed servicing clients, that many of them require help and advice like this. Most of the clients visiting our studio are looking for help in much wider areas than just mixing/mastering. 
Many mixes we receive for mastering are not ready, not just having issues within the mixing process, but also problems within the production/recording area. This service is a perfect solution for them. 
Would like to point out, this is, apart from working on clients’ projects – a great deal for anyone who wants to learn how to mix music and music production tricks. 
I believe that anyone who thinks seriously about music production, must learn how to mix their music, and maybe someday will start mixing other people’s work. This will save you a lot of headaches and a lot of money spent on paying other people to mix your music.
Would you like to ‘attend’ the mixing session, be able to hear what the Engineer is doing with your project, what processing was applied, when and why, and also ask direct questions?
This service is for you.



Client would like to order an Audio Mastering service for 2 songs. Also, he/she would like to have a Mix Review service for those 2 mixes. The client can order those services as usually by submitting relevant Job Orders. 
Considering there are Mix Review involved, the entire process can take up to a week or longer.

By choosing AMP service, Mix Review, as well as Audio Mastering, are provided ‘on the fly, during the service.
The Client gets his/her Mix Review and Audio Mastering (depends on the AMP booking length) delivered instantly.
This makes a huge difference for the Client, mostly, delivery time is fastened to instant, secondly, the Client can ask questions like during real attended session, which benefits not only the current project, but it helps in his future audio production work.

Considering all of that, choosing AMP service, can be the best choice for you! 

The delivery is instant, the costs (as in the example above) are very reasonable and affordable.

Why don’t you give it a try?



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As always, to get your fee for the service – please use the relevant Job Order