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Back 2 Techno Lockdown Sessions

black white baner tres

To conquer disharmony created by lockdowns, I decided to get back to making music. I must admit that I had a very long break with the creative process, probably 12 years. I divorced music-making a year before launching Red Mastering Studio.

I got back to my old love – raw, electronic, techno/house/downtempo/electro/acid music. Thanks to technical development, I gathered analogue instruments (or their digital equivalents like Roland Juno 06a and Roland TR8) with very little money compared to what those instruments would cost when I was a young chap.

Instead of fighting the madness of isolation, I focused my energy on music entirely, and had to refresh my knowledge about midi (didn’t use it for a long time), synthesis, sequencers, and a whole lot of things related to midi and audio connection:)

To learn faster and move on to the stage to create freely music without much preparation – I decided to video/audio record some sessions/sets/rehearsals. Many of those videos on my youtube channel are simply rehearsals, actually created for myself – for training purposes. (recording just audio is not enough to observe myself in action and to judge my mistakes and learn from this). 

I have chosen a playlist of those sets, which I consider worth to check/listen, as they are not bad in my opinion.

The purpose of this post is not to brag about my passion only, but also to suggest subscribing to our new channel.

If you are interested in music production, and creation, particularly in electronic music and DAWless (that’s very important!) please visit us, subscribe and support the channel by sharing the info and links.

I created this additional youtube channel (Red Mastering Studio channel is more focused on Mastering and Mixing) also with a goal to create podcasts about audio engineering, production and post production, tricks and tips, and unconventional approach for the creative process. 

Here are the first 2 videos, from the series:

Please check this BLOG article for more details about using Native Instruments Maschine in a very interesting way.