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New Pricing Policy

299 prices

Updated pricelist of services

Last 2 years, first, the lockdown situation and now the current state of the world’s economy (conflict in Ukraine) decimated the music business. Many artists, musicians, DJs, record labels, and recording studios went bankrupt because the government decided to disallow artists to perform, and earn money. This domino effect touches every human soul living on this planet. 

To keep up with our main mission –
 ‘deliver high-quality audio mixing and mastering services online,
we decided to significantly reduce the prices in 2023.

The most popular and important service we deliver is Audio Mastering. 

Our main aim is mastering LP and EP, and we offer from now on, an unbeatable price of £30,- per song mastered!

We offer £299,- for delivery of a full album (LP/10 songs) audio master