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Referral to Your Friend!


Referral to your friend

Honestly, we don’t think that there will be a person not happy to use it, as we are simply giving a 20% ‘refund’ in cash (for practical reasons it will be in coupons;) to the person indicated by you the Client. 

All you need to do is to put the email address of the recipient of your referral (Friend), and that person will receive an email with the coupon, the value of 20% of your initial payment.

you will find this at the bottom of the Checkout window.

For example, if you purchased LP vinyl and digital master and pay £600,-, the person of your choice (a Friend) will receive a £60,- coupon. She/he can use this coupon next time submitting Job Order.

You can collect such coupons and accumulate them, and use them yourself (if you are the recipient) or give them to someone else (coupon can be used only once).

It gives you the ability to collect a few coupons and audio master the entire album for free!

All you need is to have good friends, who when submitting a Job Order, will pass your email address as beneficent. This is a great way to actually ‘earn’ money by referring us to other people.

  • You can use this coupon anytime, anywhere, making any order,

  • There is no final date for coupons or coupons, therefore you can use them as you like,

  • You can accumulate coupons, and summarize them when making orders,

  • Coupons can be used only once.


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