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Last Minute Booking Reschedule

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Last Minute Booking Reschedule

Red Mastering has been running for over 10 years. In that time, we have noticed that the number of sessions rescheduled, rebooked at the very last moment is quite significant. 

Average 4 days per month, which makes 48 days per year, and 488 days per 10 years!

And that is time lost, a time when the Engineer was ready to start a session in the morning, just to find out the night before – the gig (mastering or mixing job) was postponed. No problem when there is another work waiting and could be arranged, but if not, it is a day completely lost, like coming to work to find out today there is no job and no pay for you 🙂

It happens, it’s a music business, and let’s be clear, we do not complain about the fact it works like that, but we have a solution how to ‘kill 2 birds with 1 stone’.

When there will be a last-minute session rescheduled, we will send an email to everyone who signed our special Promotions Newsletter. An email will contain a discount coupon, this will be a short term, special offer with up to 50% discount on any service, particularly AMP, but also our most popular services like Audio Mastering and Audio Mixing.

If you receive such an email, you can either use the coupon and discount yourself or resend it to as many friends, artists, musicians as you like. Anyone can use it, but once it’s used, our system won’t allow other people to over-book it. The coupon will cease to exist after 24/48 hours, if not used.

We are aware that this is very short notice for you and a decision need to be taken in the next 24 h or earlier, you are not necessary are ready for submitting a Job Order, on that particular day, but…if not you, then,  maybe your friend, musician, artist, band, a DJ who you know, is looking for such a service – you could save him/her,  up to £300,– on the project, just by letting know that there is a short time promotion like that. 

SIGN up our special Last Minute Newsletter

  • we simply will inform you as soon as we find out the booking is postponed, which means 24 or 48h before the booking date,
  • you can expect several emails per month (but no more than 4-5) with special coupons, and information about promotions (including Discounted Delivery),
  • in 90% cases it will be a very short term offer (per 1 or half a day),
  • this newsletter is different from our standard newsletter, which we sent maybe 10 times per year,  including website changes, news, updates, etc.,
  • you can submit to one of them, or both depending on your situation (if you are not interested in promotions and receiving emails from us with offers, you can keep only standard newsletter).

Sign Up for Special Last Minute Newsletter