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Promotions Discounts and Deals


To keep you engaged in visiting us, we will run every weekly and monthly special promotion, (please check referral/email here)

Summary of all deals

  1. Last Minute Booking Reschedule, (we shorten it to – Last Minute Booking, easier to remember and self-explanatory. Up to 50% discount! short term temporary offers depending on the session’s last-minute cancellation. sign here to receive information about promotions .
  2. Referral to your friend, who will receive a coupon of the 20% value of your final Job Order fee. (please check details here)
  3. First Timers’, people who never used our services before, and by giving them £15,- cut on the very first order (up 30% discount!) check details here
  4. Special discount for our ‘Old Clients’:), everyone who used our services before (and received an email with special coupon and 20% discount). Please get in touch if you used our services before and have not received a coupon from us)
  5. Continuously we offer a 50% discount on the Vinyl Mastering service. Please check the details here
  6. full LP album or EP album Audio Mastering – for each and every Client spending over £300,- 
    We would offer a free Mix Review service for all songs/mixes on the album. 
    example: Job Order for LP Audio Mastering, 7 songs, Client will receive free Mix Review for all those songs (a value of £100,-)
    When submitting your Job Order,  the system will calculate your final discount automatically. 
  7. free Mix Feedback to any Client ordering Audio Mastering (just mark it on Job Order, and you won’t be charged for this service)

and there will be more coming soon, please keep in touch. We want to keep our schedule 80-95% booked/busy, and offer our services to more clients. Our goal is very simple and will benefit everyone.

This as well allows us to keep our prices and services available for musicians and artists with a small budget. 

We do care about your money and your music!

 Red Mastering Studio services and prices