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Mastering Services and Prices

We are very proud to present Job Order application, created by us after years of collecting data and feedback from our clients.

If you are looking for the quick answer regarding the price of our services, and you want to have your answer in less then 1 second - use Job Order!:)


How to calculate the price for your project ?


Set number of the songs to be mastered in the Job Order's window:

and you will get instant answer at the bottom of the Job Order :

Now you can choose delivery time best suited for your project, please note that price will be updated upon choosing different options. Voila, you get your answer in few seconds!

If you would like to find out, exactly what is the price for a single service, depending on the time of delivery, please check the informations below.


Great news! We just started a new amazing offer!

Now, all services provided by Red Mastering Studio (Audio Mastering, Mixing, Mix Review as well as all other additional serives) can be purchased with much less money!

When you Submit your Job Order, in Order Summary, there is an option for a slower delivery time, which can take almost 20% off your final bill!


orer summary

Recently we also added new service - Mix Feedback, which we offer now for £3,- only!



Check our FAQ secrion to find more info about this service, and how it differs from Mix Review.



Our Clients have 3 options for a Delivery Time of our services. Delivery Time has an impact on the final price:


Slow Delivery Option  - up to 5 days;                          

Audio Mastering Services (CD Mastering, Music Mastering, Mastering for Vinyl) 

  • 1-3 songs - £25 per song
  • 4-6 songs - £75 for the first 3 songs and £20 for each subsequent one
  • 7 songs or more - £135 for the first 6 songs and £15 for each subsequent one


Standard Delivery  up to 3 working days for a single, 4 days for an album EP/LP

Audio Mastering Services (CD Mastering, Music Mastering, Mastering for Vinyl) 

  • 1-3 songs - £30 per song
  • 4-6 songs - £90 for the first 3 songs and £25 for each subsequent one
  • 7 songs or more - £165 for the first 6 songs and £20 for each subsequent one


Fast Delivery  price up to 30%; 48h delivery for a single, 2 days for an album EP/LP!


Mastering Audio  - Optional Extras (Standard Delivery Time)

  • Mix Review - £15 per song (50% discount on the standalone service)
  • Stem Mastering - £15 for each stem on top of the basic track
  • Extra Loud Master - £10 per song
  • Non Standard File Format - £8 per song (mp3, aac, MFiT (Mastering for iTunes), flac, high resolution file up to 24/192kHz)
  • Red Book / DDP Master - £30

For an instant quote and to order please go to Mastering Job Order

 Mastering Audio Optional Extras for a Slow Delivery Time 

  • £13 per song - Mix Review
  • £12 per stem - Stem Mastering
  • £7 for an Extra Loud Master 
  • £6 for a Non Standard File Format 
  • £23 for a DDP/RedBook Master

For an instant quote and to order please go to Mix Review Job Order.

Free Master Sample

  • Free

To order please go to Free Sample Job Order.

Online Mixing

  • £154 per song for a Slow Delivery Option

For an instant quote and to order please go to relevant Job Order.This short video explains how to use it.





1. Payment is made up front via PayPal. Fees are non-refundable.

2. Free mastering sample is limited to one per client. You are allowed to submit a mix only once i.e. you cannot send a revised mix or a brand new one and request another free sample. There are no mix reviews nor master revisions available with this service. Only complete mixes (full songs) are accepted. If you submit a fragment or if your mix has any serious technical problems, your order will be rejected. You will receive an up to 90 seconds long audio sample. I reserve the right to reject a free mastering sample order for any other reason. Please do not send mp3 or other lossy files. Only wav/aiff files are accepted. Read more about this service in FAQ.

3. Mixing samples are not available.

4. One master revision per song is included in the price of audio mastering. Any subsequent revisions will be charged at £15/revision. 

5. If you did not order a mix review and your mix has any serious technical issues such as distortion or clipping, I will stop the mastering session and contact you to give you a chance to remove the problem. Additional fee in line with the mix review fee will need to be paid before I resume the work on your mix, regardless of whether you decide to amend your mix or not.

6. If you decide to make any changes to your mix at the revision stage i.e. after you have received a mastered file, it will be considered a new job. A Job Order will need to be submitted again and the applicable fee will need to be paid. 

7. Additional charges apply for songs exceeding 5 minutes (mastering and mixing) and/or 40 tracks (mixing). Please see Job Oder for details.

8. The standard file delivery format for music mastering is 16/44.1 kHz WAV or AIF for CD/digital master audio, and 24/original mix resolution (e.g. 24/44.1 kHz) for vinyl mastering.

9. All files, including DDP masters and redbook .iso files, are delivered electronically via a downloadable link using wetransfer.

10. Edits are not included in the mixing price and they are not offered as a service. The price includes revisions.

11. Delivery times vary depending on the number of songs and the service required. Your delivery date will be shown on the Job Order. Standard delivery is set as a default. If you need the product sooner, please choose Fast option. Additional fees apply. Please see Job Order for details.

12. All times are local for London UK. Working days are Monday to Friday for Standard delivery and Monday to Saturday for Urgent and Super Fast delivery, excluding bank holidays. Delivery time runs from when the final mixes or tracks approved by the client are provided.

13. You have the right to cancel your order before I start work on your job. If you want to execute this right, you must contact me by phone or e-mail as soon as possible after submitting your order. You may not cancel the order once the work on your job has commenced.

14. Please be kind and credit my work: Mastered by Filip Pietrzykowski at Red Mastering Studio, London.

15. I reserve the right to refuse service on any grounds.

Order Audio Mastering


Order Audio Mastering

Thanks to a very convenient online application Job Order, all you need to do to hire us for mastering online is to submit the relevant Job Order. If you have never used our services before, check here to find more details about the process or watch this short video/manual... (read more here)

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Ordering a Job

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